Earthly Natural moisturizing creme  contains no water, and they has pure, coconut oil, hemp oil, beeswax and Aloe Vera.  No artificial color, animal testing, or preservatives.

To produce the creams, we use ancient techniques adapted to modern times. Discover many uses like massage oil, moisturizer, after-shave, bath oil or hair conditioner. 

Moisturizing Creme

Earthly Naturals skin Moisturizer is made from simple organic ingredients. So natural you can eat it, although I don't see any use in that, it's for external use only.

Applied after showering when the skin is hydrated, it locks in moisture throughout the day, giving our skin a healthy glow and keeping tattoos bright and vibrant.

4 ounces $14

8 0unces $25   No Shipping Charges !

Our natural hand made glycerin shea butter soaps are vegan enchanting. Each clear glycerin bar is shaped like a rose with a shea butter soap treasure in the center.

All our soaps are unscented for the chemically sensitive among us.

Take your pick of rose , daisy, hearts, cubes, rubber ducky soap or blue swirl storm  treasures.

Only $6.50 a bar

Soap for the Soul

sold out for the holidays

Currently out of stock in Rubber Ducky and Yellow Swirl Storm Soaps

Earthstar Village

Soap for the Soul has minimal packaging and is based on lifestyle ideas of a sustainable future that we work toward everyday. 

We are happy to tell you that there are no animals products in our skin care products.
When striving to live a more natural lifestyle, the first things tend to be organic food and cleaning materials, then clothing and last beauty and hair care products!

Be aware and look at what’s in your beauty products, literally everyone can do that and doesn’t require you to change your eating habits!!

Earthly Naturals

Skin Care Products

for the Body and Soul