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My glass work is one of a kind, multidimensional and channelled from a place beyond verbal capacity.

These works are made from upcycled materials and anything else I feel moved to include. The clear glass I use comes from antique window panes and has swirls, lines and bubbles. Yeah, I use alot of lead, but my stuff has captivating visual factors as well as structural integrity. I have pieces over 30 years old.

I've always been into art and making things with my hands. This is more than self expression, this is a mission. I am an artisan. There are rules that good stained glass should follow. I have a blatant disregard for rules except for retaining structural integrity.

My first memory of stained glass was as a child in church. The church my family went to had huge stained glass windows and I remember looking at them and how the sunlight came through them. Also I would look around at the size of the building and estimate our house and how much of our yard would fit inside. This is what kids think about in church, the rest was pretty boring.
Many of the vintage pieces have cracks from poor storage and abuse, rustic patina or other signs of age. If they are for sale these pieces are  marked down, they're still beautiful so this could be your opportunity.

If you have any of my older pieces not shown here would you please send me a pic? Many thanks! And much gratitude for supporting my art.


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