Earthstar Village

wringer washer

Phil Robinson

The Camper

solar panels

Technically not off grid, thereis electricity, but close enough. 

Resident artist and master gardener, Deb Vincent is occupying the studio trailer right now creating mysterious works of art and fancy. 

compost barrel

rainwater catchment

The Studio Trailer

in the beginning

Off Grid Spaces

Ok ok yes ! It's just a tent, and lame ass tent at that...

​Well here we are late July and the Tipi hasn't been put up......

Ahem, maybe we need to manifest a couple strong young bucks to do some of the heavier work , actually we need poles too, hmmm....

At any rate, there is a tent !

And the flip side of that is we need to manifest a couple strong young bucks to clear out the campsite.

Alas will we miss out on this summers back to nature campers ? Yet to see.....

Went ahead and posted this to answer questions we've had this season. There it is, where the process is at. Wanna help?

The camper has been taken by Phil Robinson, resident artist. Here are some pics of the improvements he's done to his spot.

Phil is manifesting his dream of off grid living.In less than just one year, he's got solar panels, water catchment system, wringer washer and composting system set up. Working on gardens and may other sustainability projects. Yay Phil!

1. The Camper

2. The Studio Trailer

3. Wolf Top

Recently HipCamp sent a scout out here to take pics of and review the campsight at Wolf Top. He was a super nice guy with a super sweet dog and we look forward to sharing our space through the good folks at HipCamp.

Below is a link to our listing.

Wolf Top