Soon we are setting up the tipi with camping accomodations for others to enjoy retreat and nature. Stay tuned.

The Studio Trailer

The Tipi

under construction

in the beginning

Off Grid Spaces

Phil Robinson

1. The Camper

2. The Studio Trailer

3. The Tipi

rainwater catchment

The camper has been taken by Phil Robinson, resident artist. Here are some pics of the improvements he's done to his spot.

Phil is manifesting his dream of off grid living.In less than just one year, he's got solar panels, water catchment system, wringer washer and composting system set up. Working on gardens and may other sustainability projects. Yay Phil!

compost barrel

Earthstar Village

The Camper

Resident artist and master gardener, Deb Vincent is occupying the studio trailer right now creating mysterious works of art and fancy. 

wringer washer

solar panels